E stands for Esports – more aggressive and fully optimized to extract everything out of the car for either Qualifying or Race Conditions

S stands for Safe – more on the safer side so that anyone can drive them. A little slower then the Esports Setups but a good base to start off before progressing to the Esport Setups.

Q stands for Qualifying: this setup is built to run for a shorter period of time in order to extract the maximum laptime performance, without managing tyres.

R stands for Race: this setup is built to run for longer stints, keeping the car balanced and tyres alive for as long as possible.

Every time the simulator receives a BOP or game physics update, the cars will handle slightly different: We will always keep setups up to date with every game version. You can see this in the numbers of the setup names - a higher number means it's a more recent version of the setup.

The need for an update might also come from an internal evaluation: the GO Setups team might decide to update a specific bundle to improve its performance without the need of a ingame update. In case you like one of the older setups better - don't worry. It's all about personal preference!

If you are ever in doubt of what the latest version is or you are unsure if your setups are outdated, please check out our spreadsheet: ⁠Laptime Sheet

MOTEC is a software used to read telemetry files that we provide.

In our bundles you'll get 2 MOTEC files for each track, this will be the telemetry of the fastest lap done in the Esports Qualifying setup (E Q) which you'll be able to open by downloading MoTeC i2. You can download then our free Assetto Corsa Competizione workspace from our discord server.

While for Assetto Corsa you'll need to download a different one here

For Assetto Corsa Competizione:

    • 1. download the bundle and extract it
    • 2. put the setup files in ''C:\Users\YourNameHere\Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione\Setups\car folder''

For Assetto Corsa:

          • 1. Download the setups
          • 2. Extract the Zip file
          • 3. Choose car/track combo
          • 4. Put the setup files in "C:\Users\YourNameHere\Documents\Assetto Corsa\Setups\car folder";
          • 5. Insert the chosen car/track combo folder in the point 4) directory

Please follow this guide for console on Assetto Corsa Competizione:

      • Download the setups from the website
      • Extract the Zip file
      • Go to and put in the files for the specific track and car you want to use and copy the values displayed on the website into your game.

    Please follow this guide for console on Assetto Corsa:

            • Download the setups from the website
            • Extract the Zip file
            • Go to and put in the files for the specific track and car you want to use and copy the values displayed on the website into your game.

          Keep in mind that Mods are not available on console, so you'll only be able to use the vanilla game cars we release

FULL Bundle: Barcelona, Brands HatchDonington Park, Hungaroring, Imola,  Kyalami, Laguna Seca, Misano, Monza, Mount Panorama, Nurburgring, Oulton Park, Paul Ricard, Red Bull Ring, Silverstone, Snetterton, Spa, Suzuka, Valencia, Zandvoort, Zolder

AMERICAN Bundle: COTA; Watkins Glen and Indianapolis

FULL+AMERICAN Bundle: this bundle simply merges the American and Full bundles togheter for a cheaper price

TRACK PACKS: Each track pack will include all the content available for the selected track

Each track will then have a bundle of setups which contain the following:

2 Esport setups

2 Safe setups

1 Wet setup called MED WET (now only available on Assetto Corsa Competizione)

1 Hotlap telemetry MoTeC file

We accept credit/debit/prepaid/gift/virtual card payments from the following card companies: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, 3DS. Our card processor is Stripe which specializes in payment APIs and is one of the top card processors.

We have a dedicated team on Discord that can provide support so as staying in touch with the GO Community.

Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.9:

    • GT3, GT4, CUP : 26.4 psi – 27.0 PSI (DRY)
    • 30.0 psi - 30.7 psi (WET)

Assetto Corsa:
<ul class="left-align" style="padding-left: 0; text-align: left;">

  • GT3, CUP : 27.0 PSI
  • Formula: 18 PSI

We are happy to hear from you with any comments, suggestions or questions you may have on the Contact Us Page

Yes. For every Bundle purchased, there will be 1 year worth of free updates included!

With our main focus on creating the best setups on the market and keeping those constantly updated, our professional drivers won't spend too much time doing hotlaps so for some tracks there will always be a margin of 0.1s to 0.3s to the optimal laptime the setup can achieve.

The laptimes are just reference points for each car/track combination!

We are a team of professional Esports drivers competing at the highest level in Assetto Corsa Competizione in Championships such as SRO. Visit the About Us page to discover more.

In version 1.9 of Assetto Corsa Competizione, all our setups will have GO2 to represent a brand new version of the game. Example ; GO2 296 GT3 MON E Q01

LFM shares a new Balance of Performance every monday, at GO Setups we decided to share specific setups for both GT3 weekly series, these will be launched every monday and included in every bundle.

All our costumers can easily access these products by downloading the desired bundle (through subscription or single purchase).

Here's an example of the naming of those BOP setups: GO2 M4 GT3 SUZ LFM Q -7KG


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