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GO Telemetry is OUT!

We're excited to unveil the long-awaited GO Setups Telemetry feature! This represents a major milestone in our quest to elevate your lap times and provide invaluable insights into your driving technique at no cost in Assetto Corsa Competizione!


GO Telemetry is a robust tool engineered to provide comprehensive analytics and performance metrics for your sim racing sessions. Regardless of your skill level, from beginners to seasoned pros.

GO Telemetry is designed to help you understand and optimise your driving technique. Plus, it allows you to compare your laps to those of our Esports drivers, providing a benchmark for improvement.

GO Telemetry is a free to use tool for everyone to compare to our laps. Unlike Motec which is hard to read, GO Telemetry is a tool that is easy to use and understand with driver focused channels. All laps have been recorded using GO Setups, so they are easy for you to compare. Simply load the GO Setup for your favourite car, record a replay and upload to compare.

How does GO Telemetry work?

    1) Choose a GO Setups lap from the list
    2) Upload a replay that you want to compare
    3) Compare key data braking points, throttle curves and more
    4) Learn where you are losing lap time and how to improve your pace
    5) GO FAST!

    Key Features

    Racing Line

    Perfecting your racing line is crucial for faster lap times. Compare your line with pro drivers’ to identify areas where you can improve and boost your performance. 

    Pedal Inputs

    Gain insights into ideal acceleration/braking points by comparing your data with professional driver inputs, helping you improve pace and consistency. 

    Steering Inputs

    Analyse how esports professionals take corners and optimise their steering inputs to maintain corner speed

    Speed Traces

    Compare your speed throughout corners with pro driver laps to identify opportunities for improvement.


    Peek into the gear selection and engine braking techniques used by pros to uncover strategies for better lap times.

    Delta Comparison

    Evaluate your lap time delta against pro Esport drivers, highlighting areas with the most potential for improvement, and optimise your practice sessions.



    With GO Setups Telemetry, you now have a comprehensive toolset to not only understand but also enhance your sim racing skills. It’s an invaluable resource to refine your technique, push your limits, and elevate your performance. Best of all, it’s free to use, making it accessible for all enthusiasts eager to level up their racing game in Assetto Corsa Competizione!




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