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The Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO Assetto Corsa Competizione V1.10.2 Update

Conquer curbs and corners with ease in the Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO with the latest ACC V1.10.2 update!

Mercedes AMG GT3 Assetto Corsa Competizione V1.10.2 update

The Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO ACC V1.10.2 update offers a solid traction control system (TC) that makes it easy for new drivers to get on track quickly. This car is particularly well-suited for circuits with intense curbs, such as Imola, Nürburgring, and Zolder, thanks to its excellent power and torque.


The Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO offers a unique platform to push the boundaries of laptimes, this thanks to many factors such as it’s stability over curbs and uneven surfaces, as well as:

  • The Best TC on the grid
  • Extremely precise front end: Even if it’s a front engine car, which normally understeers and is slow in the turn-in phase
  • One of the best cars on Wet!


While the Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO is competitive on most circuits, pushing the limits with esports-level setups can induce over-steer and make the car twitchy on corner entry. The fact that the front end is very precise, leads to being capable of extracting a lot of laptime once you learn how to drive it properly.

Until this moment, you’ll need to understand with extreme precision how to do ”Trail braking” with it, as you almost always drive it with the Brake Balance always a bit unbalanced to the rear – the risk with this is locking the rear tyres!

If you struggle to find traction you can simply increase it! The good thing about the Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO is that it’s easier to use a lower TC if compared to others.

The Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO is not well suited for uneven surfaces because of the torque and power. It’s suited for these tracks because of the fact that during the development of the car, the ”hitbox” of the Mercedes was raised by some centimeters. This allows the car to run over curbs easily, compared to other cars. The hitbox is the actual object that’s subject to the in-game physics – what we see is not what the game calculates.


Despite its challenges, the Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO remains a solid choice for drivers who prefer a stable and powerful car. It can be competitive across various circuits, but achieving peak performance might require some effort and skill.


Explore the Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO ACC V1.10.2 update, featuring reliable handling, power, and performance on various circuits. Updated to V1.10.2, this car continues to offer a competitive edge.


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