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Safe vs Esports Setups

In sim racing, the choice between Safe vs Esports Setups holds immense significance, directly influencing your track performance and success. Safe and Esports setups offer distinct characteristics, affecting driving and lap times. This article delves into their differences, benefits, and suitability, aiding your choice for a fulfilling sim racing journey.

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In track packs, whether single or bundled, you find various setups. This article focuses on comparing Safe (S) and Esports (E) versions, shedding light on their unique features to help you make an informed decision.


Both options share similarities, making it easy for beginners to start with safe setups and progress towards esports setups, refining driving precision.

Overall, both options have a lot in common, making it easy for beginners to start by using the safe setups and working their way towards the esports setups and the necessary precision in their driving technique.

Your setup choice influences your driving focus and lap times. While the lap time difference between S and E setups is minimal, experienced esports drivers aiming for the last tenths should opt for Esports setups.


What are the characteristics?

Esports setups maximize pace in competitive sessions, offering high rotation and agility. They handle aggressively yet predictably, with more aggressive toe and rake settings compared to safe setups.

What are the benefits?

Esport setups mimic professional SRO-style setups, granting a competitive edge. Mastering their agility offers an advantage, especially in tire management and consistency over longer races.

Who is it for?

Experienced drivers will be able to extract blistering lap times by using GO Esports Setups. GO Esports Setups are typically a couple of tenths above other choices, giving a competitive advantage to advanced and Pro drivers. If only the fastest is fast enough, Esports setups should be your first choice.


What are the characteristics?

Safe Setups are tailor-made for drivers who seek a more safe balance between under and oversteer. While offering all the rotation that you will ever need on track, the safe version of GO Setups will offer a very predictable behaviour in all situations.

What are the benefits?

GO Safe Setups offer characteristics that are beneficial in many ways. The typically neutral setup is an ideal foundation for practising your driving technique. Tire management will be slightly easier than with a more aggressive setup, giving you an advantage especially for longer stints or endurance races.

Who is it for?

Beginner and advanced drivers will find a great learning foundation in GO Safe Setups. Other than for Esports drivers, the compromise in achievable lap times doesn’t play a large role. The compromise can even be beneficial in some situations, like endurance races.


The choice between Safe and Esports Setups depends on personal preference, experience, and racing goals. Esports setups suit those prioritizing ultimate lap times, while Safe setups offer security and consistent performance.

Ultimately, choose the setup aligning with your driving style and racing objectives, ensuring your success on the sim racing track.



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