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GO FAST Is Here!

GO Setups is proud to announce our brand new app GO Fast! Designed to be the ultimate companion app for ACC & AC

GO FAST is designed to be the ultimate companion for both Assetto Corsa (AC) and Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC). GO Fast consolidates all the necessary tools into one convenient platform, making it easier for you to access everything you need and get onto the track quickly.

The great part about GO FAST is that its or everyone and not just subscribers adding value to both Bundle Owners and subscribers.


🔴 Setup Auto-Installer: Automatically detects your game session and installs setups based on the specific track/car combination, keeping you focused on the track! (Available only for Subscribers)

🔴 Manual Setup Installer: Easily install setups with one simple click through our intuitive interface, whether you’re a bundle owner or a subscriber.

🔴 Automatic Tyre Pressure Adjustment: Our app analyses current race conditions and tweaks your tyre pressures to maximise performance and grip. ( Only with the Auto-Installer )

🔴 Fuel Calculator: Calculates the amount of fuel needed for all your races and qualifying sessions using our built-in tool.

⚪ Many more to come..!

How to use the GO FAST APP

1. To start using the GO Fast App, simply download it from the Microsoft Store
2. Login with your login details from our website
3. Go through the configuration wizard of the app
4. Get onto track and GO FAST



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