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Ford Mustang GT3 Setups Available!

Experience the all new Ford Mustang GT3 on track in Assetto Corsa Competizione with setups that enhance your on-track experience.

The Ford Mustang GT3 has roared onto the scene in Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC), adding a thrilling new dimension to the game’s lineup of GT3 vehicles. This model of the Mustang, specifically engineered for the rigors of GT3 racing, combines the iconic, muscular design of the classic American muscle car with advanced racing technology tailored for high-performance track competition.

Players of ACC can now experience the raw power and precision handling that the Mustang GT3 brings to the asphalt, making every race an intense battle of speed and strategy. Its arrival in the sim racing world is a celebration of speed, engineering, and the enduring appeal of the Ford Mustang.

Excitingly, this addition comes as a free content drop, allowing all players to enjoy this spectacular vehicle without any additional cost, further enhancing the ACC community’s racing experience. The GO Setups team has been hard at work since the release yesterday to bring you setups for 7 tracks allowing you to further enjoy and enhance your on track experience.

Ford Mustang GT3

The Ford Mustang GT3 is definitely a beast of its own with a powerful engine and if not the best braking package in ACC which ensures trust in the car from the get go. The aero platform is extremely stable which suits alot of the fast speed tracks and showcases the Ford’s pure masterclass of development!

Our setups created will transform the car in terms of balance to give you rotation, stability and confidence when tackling the track to ensure you have the best package underneath you!

Tracks Avaliable

⚫️ Barcelona
⚫️ Red Bull Ring
⚫️ Imola
⚫️ Monza
⚫️ Silverstone
⚫️ Zolder
⚫️ Nürburgring 24H

The GO Team is actively developing additional tracks not currently available. Please stay informed by following our social media channels or by checking this announcement channel for updates which will be added to the 2024 Complete bundle.


The Ford Mustang GT3 setups will be available and included for all GO Subscribers in the subscription downloads page. Additionally, the setups are available in our Track Packs and 2024 Complete Bundle.

You can find all lap times done with the GT3s in our Laptimes Sheet

To help you decide on how you would like to purchase our setups, refer to the graphic below for a better understanding of what works for you.



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